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The United Pentecostal Church ( UPCI ) is a Oneness Pentecostal organization with churches, ministers, and members across the globe. Anchored in the word of God and a vision for ministering to communities around the world, the UPCI embraces its mission to carry the whole gospel to the whole world by the whole church.

The UPCI is among the fastest growing church organizations since it was formed in 1945 by the merger of he Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ and the Pentecostal Church Incorporated. with 521 churches in 1945, the UPCI has grown to over 40,000 churches and preaching points, 35,000 credentialed ministers, and a constituency of about 4,000,000 in 225 nations and territories. It is chaired by the general superintendent of the UPCI.

The UPCI emerged out of the Pentecostal movement that began with a Bible school in Topeka, Kansas, in 1901 and with the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, California, in 1906. It traces its roots to 1916, when a large group of Pentecostal ministers began to unite around the teaching of the oneness of God and water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ.